Brand Spotlight: NUX

Musicians and recording engineers, Solid Signal has NUX products in our online inventory! NUX manufactures a wide range of guitar effects pedals, wireless systems, and more. The company also produces digital drums and pianos and pro-audio interfaces and controllers. Introduced in 2005, NUX is one of the three trademarks owned by Cherub Technology Co., Ltd. If you’re looking for this type of high-quality musical gear, you’ll find it in Solid Signal’s online inventory.

Creating “Inspirational Sound”

That’s how NUX describes the results its products deliver. And do you know who’s responsible for the sound that NUX products deliver? Musicians just like you! NUX gets feedback from musicians all over the world. That advice goes into the development and production of all NUX musical accessories. This is what makes its products, including its wide variety of effects pedals, so popular with so many musicians.

High Quality, Low Cost

NUX prides itself on the quality of its sound. That said, the company also does everything it can to keep the costs of its gear down. The purchasing department at NUX is very choosy about the sources of the components they use. While quality is of the utmost importance, they avoid cost for the sake of cost. If it doesn’t improve the sound, NUX doesn’t use it. This is one of many ways the company passes savings on to its customers.

NUX Musical Gear in Our Inventory

Have you ever wanted to play your guitar or bass without being tethered to your amp by a patch cord? This NUX wireless guitar transmitter and receiver can fix that. Just plug one into your guitar and the other into your amp and you’re free to jump around the stage or practice area. (We don’t judge.) Its rechargeable batteries give you six hours of continuous playtime while the battery offers 20-hours of life on a single charge. This wireless device comes in black and white.

Then there’s the Cerberus integrated guitar effects and controller pedal. This bad boy offers distortion, overdrive, tremolo, and reverb effects in one pedal. You can use this as a standalone device or in a stomp-box chain. If this won’t help you get the sound you want, I don’t know what will. (Full disclosure: I’m a bit of a guitarist myself, and I’m particularly interested in this pedal.)

Music Production Equipment and Accessories

Yes, Solid Signal is carrying these products. We do it because our customers include musicians and recording engineers. We carry the equipment and accessories they need to enhance the quality of their projects. We also carry music production equipment from Gemini and Audio-Technica. Our team continues to look for more gear to add to our growing list of musical equipment.

Get Great Value from Solid Signal

When you buy NUX musical gear from Solid Signal, you’ll get the best possible prices and service. Our customer service team is based out of our call center in Novi, Michigan. One call to us is all it takes to get the right answers to your questions. Our team will also give you an expert product recommendation. And if you need links to product guides and manuals, we can get you that too. Just give us a call at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below and send it to us.

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