BREAKING: 4K College Football starts this weekend!

Are you ready for some football? DIRECTV is ready for you. This weekend you can watch two games in 4K. Check out Duke at Notre Dame at 2:30 Eastern on channel 105 and Kansas State vs. Arkansas State at 2:30 Eastern on channel 106.

DIRECTV is the 4K sports leader

DIRECTV was the first service to broadcast 4K sports and the company has broadcast more live 4K content than anyone else! Not only that, with DIRECTV you get real 4K, unlike the low-quality 4K feeds you can get from some streaming services. There’s no buffering, and there’s no chance that the feed will drop down to HD without telling you. Those are problems you only get from streaming. With satellite you get a clear, high-quality 4K picture all the time, period.

How to watch

In order to watch 4K, as with previous seasons you need a 4K Genie Mini Client and a Genie DVR. You also may need an upgrade to your dish, depending on when it was installed. Unfortunately none of that is going to happen to day, but if you aren’t able to watch the 4K you want today, why not schedule your upgrade? We can provide all the parts for you to do it yourself, or send a technician to your home to do a safe installation.

Get the equipment you need from Solid Signal

When you shop at, you’re getting the exact same equipment that’s supplied to satellite technicians. We’re AT&T Preferred Dealers, so we have access to all the same computer systems, ordering systems, and parts that any installer does. Only Solid Signal can give you the parts you need to do it all yourself.

And if you aren’t 100% sure of what you’re doing, that’s where we can help. Start by searching this blog where you’ll find tons of free resources. One of the best is the Ultimate Guide to Upgrading, which gives you all the steps for getting your system up to date including clickable links. If you need more personal assistance, try calling our 100% US-based call center! We’re happy to help during East Coast business hours with everything you need. The number is 888-233-7563, and if you’d prefer to chat just use the button on our site.

Solid Signal is the only partner you’ll need to get your DIRECTV system completely up to date and we’re happy to help!

Good luck, and may your favorite team win!

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