NFL SUNDAY TICKET Free Preview this weekend!

It’s finally here! Yeah, just like you I wondered if we would ever get to this point. But, other pro sports paved the way for safe conduct and the league has its plans in place to keep things moving. So yes, there’s going to be NFL action this year and yes, it’s going to be as exciting as ever.

How long we’ve waited to say…

This weekend is the start of the NFL season and you know what that means…. free NFL Sunday Ticket for all DIRECTV subscribers this weekend!

DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package lets you watch or stream every game, every Sunday. Use your TV for big-screen action or take it with you on an Android or Apple device. You don’t have to miss a minute! Best of all, watching football at home by yourself is safe. Should you invite your friends? That’s really up to you and the area of the country you’re in. Yes, football parties are a big part of the NFL experience, and if you’re comfortable with them… awesome!

Of course in the past, sports bars have been a big part of the experience. If you’re comfortable with that this year, if the bars are even open in your area… that’s still an option. But why not be safe and secure in your own man-cave this year? Bring the beer and pretzels home and watch the games YOU want to watch, in the safety of your own home or RV.

Watch every game this Sunday

The NFL Sunday Ticket preview is on channels 701-716 this Sunday. You’ll see every game going on, and have access to everything the MAX package offers. You’ll get every play, every minute, of every game. You won’t get this package on any other cable TV service and you sure won’t get it on a streaming service.

If you’re sucked into all the action, you can still sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s easy to do. Our Signal Professionals can add the package for you on Monday, just call them at 888-233-7563. You can choose the base package which gives you TV and streaming, all in HD, or the MAX package which piles on the goodness with the Fantasy Zone Channel, Player Tracker app, and Red Zone Channel. With NFL Sunday Ticket MAX, it’s practically impossible to miss a play! Not only that you’ll get access to the NFL Sunday Ticket app which lets you take all the action with you!

Let’s face it… Sundays are made for football. You’ve been waiting all year for this. Don’t wait any longer… take the free preview if you want but really, you’re better off avoiding the rush and simply signing up today!

How to get the Sunday Ticket Package

If you like what you see, call us at 888-233-7563. Or, go to if you just can’t wait. Football is here, my friends, and how sweet it is. It’s time to treat yourself to the kind of entertainment you’ve been waiting for all year.

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