Can you get free DIRECTV receiver upgrades?

DIRECTV viewers want to know if this is a thing. Some of them even ask us, “Will DIRECTV upgrade my receiver for free?” Our Signal Connect division is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, in case you were wondering. Whenever our reps get a call about free DIRECTV upgrades, they always give the same answer: We’ll have to check. Some might qualify while others don’t. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at some of the…

…Reasons for a DIRECTV Upgrade

Some people might wonder why they should even bother with a DIRECTV upgrade. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, it doesn’t always work that with your satellite TV programming. For example, there are still plenty of people out there using older DVRs. They’re going to go sooner or later and they can only be replaced with a DIRECTV Genie DVR. For those of you still watching standard definition (SD) programming, you’ll want to upgrade to high definition. And anyone who wants the best that DIRECTV has to offer will have to upgrade to 4K programming.

So, as you can see, there are at least three ways to upgrade your DIRECTV-viewing experience. The question on your mind is whether or not you can get it for free. Well, free DIRECTV upgrade packages are rare due to AT&T’s stringent guidelines. Others think these free upgrades are a thing of the past. Since the allure of possibly getting something for free is so strong, you probably want to know if you qualify for one. To do that, you can call the corporation’s busy call center, or you can…

…Call Signal Connect

It’s much easier if you call us. We’re a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, which means we can quickly find out if you qualify or not. If you call AT&T, you could be put on hold or transferred around the call center. Why wouldn’t you want to call us instead? We can get it done a lot quicker.

There’s another reason you should call us. What if you can’t get a free upgrade from AT&T? You’ll still want to keep watching your favorite channels and shows. Our Solid Signal division helps you do that. We carry all the receivers and other equipment you need to upgrade and even future proof your DIRECTV system:

  • DIRECTV Genie upgrade: This DVR system is the one that all future DIRECTV technology will be based on.
  • DIRECTV HD: When AT&T parks its SD satellite some or most SD programming will be unavailable. Get with the times!
  • DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD: This is AT&T’s highest quality resolution.

Which one do you need? Well, it depends on what receiver you’re already using and what type of programming you want to watch in the future. No matter what the case, it’s always best to get your…

…DIRECTV Upgrade Packages from Signal Connect

Look, the decade is quickly coming to an end. Do you really want to start the new year watching DIRECTV on outdated equipment? The folks at Signal Connect can help you get exactly what you need. Just give them a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. A member of the Signal Connect team will reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your DIRECTV upgrade.

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