Capture the Wildlife… With a Trail Cam!

Ever wonder what’s out there, lurking in the forest? I did… and a trail camera gave me some interesting answers.

The 12 acres of woods owned by my parents is nature’s superhighway. Once, I decided to capture some images of woodland life with my buddy’s trail cam. I got a plethora of images including opossums, raccoon, and skunk, as well as deer, coyote, and even a solitary fox that nervously approached the bait pile. My parents and I loved learning about the bestiary that lived just outside our kitchen windows. We even managed to capture a strange, glowing image that couldn’t be explained.

Whether you’re a hunter or a nature lover, you should consider getting a trail camera. Today’s trail cams are much more sturdy and efficient than the ones I used to capture wildlife images many years ago. Solid Signal offers the amazing Stealth Cam camouflage trail camera kit. This device is a 8.0-megapixel camera that offers video recording for up to 15 seconds. It also offers 50 feet of night vision and a burst mode that takes up to six images. There are other benefits, including an external LCD status display and other valuable features and benefits.

What this means is that Solid Signal’s trail cam will capture images of your backyard critters in the day or at night. Best of all, there’s no need to develop any film. Our trail cams have more than entered the digital age. You easily can retrieve these pictures using your computer. This trail cam will provide you with hours, days, and even weeks of entertainment capturing pictures of your furred or feathered neighbors.

Or, you might capture an image of something that cannot be explained… just as I did many years ago.

Search YouTube for “weird trail cam pictures” or “scary trail cam pictures.” Apparently, there are people who have claimed to have captured images of everything from ghosts to Bigfoot, aliens, and demonic creatures with trail cameras. I tend to find these so-called images a bit suspect simply because they’re too clear. By comparison, the unidentified image I once captured could’ve been the glare from a helicopter’s lights, a glowing bowl of pasta, or just about anything in between. It was too nondescript to identify, so I don’t speculate.

But who knows? Maybe there is something lurking around out in your “back 40.” If you have your suspicions, try to prove them with a trail cam from Solid Signal. I want to see what you capture. Even if it’s nothing more than an inquisitive porcupine out for a late-night stroll, send us your trail cam pics. I’ll be happy to feature them in a future blog post. Until then, happy trails!

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