CEDIA 2016: DISH shows DPH42 Hybrid Switch

DISH brings even more function to Hopper 3 DVRs with the introduction of the DPH42 multiswitch. This new switch will let you have two Hopper 3’s, each with six Joeys, from a single dish. It’s been rumored for several months and while it won’t be available until January (that’s what they tell us) it was shown here at CEDIA as part of a commitment to the custom install market.

DISH showed a typical DPH42 install. Normally I do size these photos down but this is at full resolution so if you zoom in or download it, you’ll get to see it pretty well. It makes me wish I brought a bigger camera:

This install should be much of a surprise to anyone who does DISH installs; the only piece of exotica here is the Sonora 4×4, which is basically four power-passing splitters and an amplifier in a neat little package. It’s only there to show how you could run multiple DPP42s if you wanted to, since unlike the DPP44 the new switches aren’t cascadeable.

In this installation, all Joeys would be able to see programming from all Hopper 3’s.

DISH also published this PDF which shows typical install options for Hopper 3, including something similar to the photo so you can really see what’s going on.

The DPH42 will be available at Solid Signal when it actually ships, in the meantime all we can do is sit and wait…

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