CES 2013: All the details on the Darbee Cobalt!

Cobalt. It’s the new lower-priced video processor from the people who brought you the Darblet, and only Solid Signal has it for pre-order. We were invited to a private meeting with the folks from DarbeeVision and they talked about their plans for the Cobalt and many other products.

Mr. Paul Darbee was present — Mr. Darbee invented the modern universal remote, founded Universal Electronics, and is also the father of the Darblet and Cobalt. He told us how revolutionary people think his products are and how popular the Darblet has become.

There’s been a real demand for a lower-priced version of the Darblet and the Cobalt is the next logical move. We saw the Cobalt in action and we are pleased to say it performs just like its more expensive cousin on 2D material. Mr. Darbee was very explicit that the Cobalt doesn’t handle 3D — he said he wanted to be honest in setting market expectations.

The Cobalt has the same translucent case as the Darblet but of course, it’s blue. If you’ve seen the Darblet in action, you know everything there is to know about the Cobalt.

There was “one more thing” that the DarbeeVision folks had on display — it was their new Fidelio, which is still in prototype form. This is the Darbee for true professionals and high-end theater lovers, with multiple inputs and a lot more information displayed. It’s also the first rack-mountable Darbee product. Price and availability are still to come but this isn’t vaporware — it’s a real thing!

We are extremely excited to do a review and video of the Darbee Cobalt… when the staff’s all back in the office, of course.

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