CES 2013: DISH announces Hopper with Sling

DISH stole the spotlight today with its next-generation Hopper with Sling. It looks like it’s a version of their popular Hopper that adds a built-in Slingbox.

The new device looks just the same as the current Hopper but adds additional functionality. In addition to streaming functionality, they add Hopper Transfers, which adds function like TiVo Stream or Nomad,​ letting you transfer content to your iPad and view it with no internet connection.

In DISH’s press conference they claim the new device will also have wireless networking.

Engadget is on the floor already with a look at Hopper Transfers.

Check out Dish’s press release:

DISH’s New Hopper Transfers App Delivers DVR Recordings to iPad for Offline Viewing

• Hopper Transfers — Exclusive to Hopper with Sling — allows customers to move recorded television programs from DVR to iPad
• No Internet Connection — Watch favorite programs on the go, with no need for an Internet connection
• Free — App and functionality offered at no additional cost

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today, DISH (NASDAQ: DISH) introduced the Hopper Transfers™ app, an exclusive feature for the new Hopper™ with Sling® Whole-Home HD DVR that lets customers move television recordings from the DVR to an iPad for viewing without an Internet connection.

Hopper Transfers app lets you move recorded shows to your iPad to watch when an Internet connection is not available

“Hopper Transfers completes the TV Everywhere equation by giving DISH customers the ability to take their recorded television programs and watch them even when no Internet connection is available, such as on a plane,” said Vivek Khemka, vice president of Product Management at DISH. “For the first time, customers can truly enjoy their DISH service anytime, anywhere.”

With the Hopper Transfers app, customers can set up their Hopper with Sling to prepare television recordings for mobile viewing. Recordings are then transferred from Hopper to an iPad via the home’s Wi-Fi connection. Each mobile recording transferred features Digital Rights Management technology and is limited to one mobile transfer per recording. Once a recorded television program is finished encoding for mobile viewing, a 30-minute program takes approximately five minutes to move to an iPad.

Other features include:
• Ability to schedule transfers of single episodes or television series.
• Parental locks that block or limit selected programming.
• All the technology necessary to move television recordings from DVR to iPad. No additional cords or adapters required.

The Hopper Transfers feature builds upon DISH’s industry-leading TV Everywhere solutions, including the Hopper with Sling, the new DISH Anywhere app and the Dish Anywhere online portal. These products allow DISH subscribers to access their live TV and DVR television recordings on mobile devices over the Internet. Live mobile viewing is enabled using Sling technology and is now integrated into the new Hopper with Sling.

In conjunction with the release later this month of DISH’s new Hopper with Sling, the Hopper Transfers app will be available in Apple’s App Store.

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