CES 2022: They ALL wished they’d gotten the smaller booth

CES 2022, during show floor hours

CES 2022 is here, and needless to say, it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. We’re one of the few blogs to have boots on the ground, and we’re here to show you just what you’re missing.

One of my best read articles most years is “They probably wished they’d gotten the smaller booth.”  The link will take you to the 2020 version of this popular feature, and from there you can click back and look at previous years.

Well this year it’s fair to say that pretty much every exhibitor wished they’d gotten the smaller booth. The show looks a lot emptier than we all were hoping.

All of these photos were taken during the actual show floor hours on January 6, 2022, and I’m told they’re representative of what the show floor looked like. I’d like to thank our staff who made the trek to Las Vegas to bring us these photos.

Take a look for yourself

This bin was outside to help people feel more comfortable.


The brand spanking new West Hall. I’m guessing they wanted a bigger turnout than they got.


LG’s booth is usually standing room only. Not this year.


Here’s a wider shot. Yes, this is while the show was going on.


The Post Office was there showing their new delivery trucks. I’m still not sure why they’re ever there.


Several sources said the ATSC 3.0 booth was “hopping.” I’m not seeing it.


Our friends at Televes actually had a fairly good showing! Thanks to them for providing these photos.


Here are a couple of shots really showing how empty the show is. Usually you can’t even find a place to stand in the food court.


Sony’s spot in the back corner was, well, fairly busy.


Samsung had a full booth, but from the looks of it, all they showed were products from 2020.

More to come

Tomorrow, our weary team travels to the South Hall and Sands Expo center. Keep refreshing our home page to see the latest! In the meantime, check out Mashable’s photo essay of their experiences culled mostly from Twitter.

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