When should you use a Broadband DECA?

What you see above you is our DECA Broadband, also called Broadband DECA. The two terms have been competing for years. It doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s a device that connects your entire DIRECTV system to the internet. Once connected, you have access to on demand programming, enhanced search, and interactive TV features.

It’s a pretty good deal, although it’s also getting rarer and rarer? Why? Because all modern Genie DVRs have the capability built in. You can connect your Genie over wired or Wi-Fi and get the same features as if you’d used this DECA Broadband. So why would you still use one? Let’s talk.

Maybe your Genie DVR is in a bad location.

Not everyone has Ethernet cable everywhere. Wired Ethernet is still the most reliable way to get connected, but some folks just don’t have an Ethernet jack in the living room. This is really not super-surprising if you think about it.

On top of which, a lot of entertainment centers do a really good job of blocking Wi-Fi signals. Blame the paints and stains they use, which have heavy iron-based pigments that block all radio-frequency signals. So, Wi-Fi may not be a good option either.

By finding a place where your Ethernet and coax cables are close to each other, you can solve the problem. Just use a DECA Broadband to bridge the gap, that’s what it’s there for.

Maybe your Genie client is in a good location.

If you have Ethernet near any of your DIRECTV equipment, it’s easy to use a splitter and connect the DECA Broadband to both the coax cable and an Ethernet port. Just make sure your Wi-Fi is disconnected on the Genie. If you try to connect in both places the system can get very confused.

Maybe you’re replacing older equipment.

The last decade or so, there has been a real push to build as much as possible into a single box. The new Genie 2 incorporates all the features of a DVR, a power inserter, and a Broadband DECA all into one box. A lot of folks don’t like the clutter of multiple boxes. However, if you have a working system with a DECA Broadband you can leave it in place and it will continue to work.

No matter why you may need a DECA Broadband, the best thing about all of this is that you can find one, any time you need it, by shopping at Solid Signal.

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