Control almost anything with your voice with this Power Strip

Ultimate Flexibility. That’s what I’m talking about here. Everyone wants to jump into “smart home” technology but not everyone is willing to swap out outlets. That’s why something like this Smart WiFi Power Strip is perfect. It acts just like any other power strip, except its plugs can be easily controlled using the Alexa or Google Home app — your choice.

Installation couldn’t be easier. If you’ve ever plugged in a power strip then you know how to install it. If you’re already an Alexa or Google Home user then you know how to add skills and devices There’s nothing special or new here as far as the installation process. That’s good news. Once you connect this device up, you’ll be controlling your devices in no time!

You get three regular 3-prong outlets plus two USB ports. Both post supports USB fast charging so they will work with the latest phones and tablets.

Once you have set up the device for Google Home or Alexa, it’s very easy to control each outlet individually through your phone. Just tap, no matter where you are!

The device sets up through any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection (in other words, any basic Wi-Fi connection) and it’s very easy to configure.

Why go with smart home?

It’s not just about convenience. Of course, it’s nice to think that you can turn on the lights as you’re driving up, but there’s more to it than that. Connect something like a coffeemaker to this power strip and you can be 100% sure that it’s turned off no matter where you are. For anyone who’s ever worried about burning the house down, that’s a great benefit!

It’s also easier than ever to manage all those little things you have to charge. A lot of phone and device chargers will keep sucking current from the wall even if there’s nothing plugged into them. That means if you keep the charger plugged into the wall you’re wasting money, all the time. Set up a simple schedule to make sure that the USB ports are only active at night, and you’ll be saving cash and saving the environment. And remember too that those USB ports will support virtually anything you plug into them, unlike some of those cheap cube chargers.

Of course, there’s also the whole feeling of living in a modern home, where you can control just about anything with your voice. Any device plugged into any of these outlets can be turned on with a voice command coming through your Echo or Google Home smart hub. Why not live a little and impress your friends?

Turn on the lights when your hands are full

My favorite use for this device is turning on the lights when I come in the house. I have the power strip set where one light is in one room and one light is in the next. I walk into the house and even if I have groceries in my hands, I can turn on enough lights to get into the kitchen. Let me tell you that’s a big benefit.

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