CES2016: Introducing SureCall’s 2nd Generation EZ4G Booster!

And then, SureCall got serious about consumers. I’ll tell you, of my blog faithful, that I’ve had some idea this was coming. Solid Signal has carried SureCall products for years (even back when it was called CellPhoneMate.) They’re good products but they’ve always had a bit of an industrial bent. Sure, there were some items down in the lower price ranges, but it always seemed like they weren’t quite ready for the average DIYer. That’s changed now with the all new second-generation EZ4G.

You may remember that we reviewed the original EZ4G and found that it was super powerful and fairly easy to set up. But… stylish it was not. As you can see, our friends at SureCall have made a huge jump forward in style with this new booster and it shows.

That’s a 4.7″ smartphone in front so you can see the scale.

The good news is that SureCall didn’t stop with a pretty shape. They’ve made big changes to the EZ4G and they’re all designed to make it easier to install and use the product. Specifically:

Auto-gain control: The older booster required you to tweak the power levels for each band separately. Here, it’s all done for you automatically so you will always have the power you need.

RG6 Cable: Switching over from the old 50-ohm cable to new 75 ohm cable makes it easier to extend the run from booster to antenna using cable you can get pretty much anywhere.

Now, even better is what didn’t change: This is still a 5-band booster so it can help you amplify LTE as well as voice, and it will work with all carriers (except some of Sprint’s weird bands, of course.) Power levels are still between 65 and 72dB. Installation is still a breeze: point the booster out a window or door and put the antenna 20 or so feet away. It’s that simple. It will probably take you longer to read this article than it takes to install the EZ4G.

Now I shouldn’t say… but it looks like SureCall is pushing a very, very attractive price point for this booster. It’s less expensive than some carriers’ 3G boosters at the same power levels, and this is a full 4G booster. This is going to be a massive disruptor when it launches in the next couple of weeks.

The folks at SureCall are always incredibly helpful and friendly, too. We enjoy a great relationship with them and that translates out to great prices and awesome support for you, our Solid Signal customers.

Look for a full “Hands On” review of the EZ4G coming in the next few weeks.

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