DIRECTV to add 8 new channels!

Leave it to signal labs member and intrepid satellite watcher Sixto to find the stuff DIRECTV wants to stay hidden. He has uncovered evidence that 8 more HD channels are testing right now. Of course that’s no guarantee that there will be new channels for all of us, but generally when a channel goes into test mode it isn’t more than a week before we see it. The channels are:

  • 204 – Headline News HD
  • 232 – Cooking Channel HD
  • 253 – Lifetime Movie Network HD
  • 271 – H2 HD
  • 285 – Investigation Discovery HD
  • 304 – TV Land HD
  • 541 – Encore Action HD
  • 559 – Independent Film Channel HD

These are all awesome adds for DIRECTV if they happen!

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