DIRECTV adds its first PPV in 4K

Ultimate Fighting Championship. Ultra High Definition. You can almost hear a gruff-voiced announcer talking about it. If those two things sound good to you, you’ll want to set your calendar for July 9, because DIRECTV’s first ever 4K pay-per-view will be debuting.

The bout between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will be broadcast in 4K on DIRECTV channel 106, and so will the undercard bout between Brock Lesner and Mark Hunt. For those without 4K, the event will be available in HD and
SD, but what fun is that?

DIRECTV will charge 4K viewers $64.95; HD viewers $59.95; and SD viewers $49.95.

This is sort of a turning point for DIRECTV because they’ve never actually used channel 106 for pay-per-view before. They do have pay-per-view movies on channel 105 all the time, and it’s possible that my information is wrong and that they’ll actually use channel 105 for the event. If you’re interested in watching, do be aware that the event could actually end up being on channel 105.

It’s exciting, because really 4K and sports are two things that go together perfectly. The more sports events end up in 4K, the more likely it is that people will jump on the bandwagon and that will mean more 4K programming for everyone.

Remember, in order to get 4K programs, you’ll need a DIRECTV HR54 Genie DVR and a DIRECTV 4K Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K Ready Smart TV. Call Solid Signal now at 888-233-7563 to make sure that you’re properly set up to get this event in 4K!

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