FUN FRIDAY: Star Wars AGAIN?!?!?!?

OK, perhaps I need to get into a 12-step program for Star Wars addicts. But it’s not my fault! (I know, that’s what addicts say.) This is an exciting time to be in a galaxy far, far away – with virtually unlimited Disney funds and the backing of a group of hard-core fans who really get the spirit of the franchise, this is a great time for the franchise. For the record, I’m also a big Star Trek fan, even more so, but it’s very fair to say that Paramount has never known what to do with Trek which is why roughly 60% of the movies really stink.

So for this Fun Friday, I’m totally geeking out over this website run by illustrator Martin Panchaud, who quite obviously has a lot of free time. I hope his giant advertisement works for him, because he’s obviously got the chops.

What I’m talking about here is that Mr. Panchaud has turned the entirety of Star Wars Episode IV (aka the first one from 1977) into an infographic. As you scroll down you get more and more of the story and if you continuously scroll, it almost seems animated. Color me seriously impressed.

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