DIRECTV announces 4K channel lineup

Three channels of 4K content!

Internal documents obtained by The Solid Signal Blog have pointed to the existence of three 4K channels which will be going live very soon! What we’re looking at, according to these documents, is:

Channel 104: 4K content
Still no word what’s going to be on these channels, but this is going to be the “regular” channel for 4K live content. When there are programs to watch, they’ll be there. It’s still not clear what that content is going to be, but the smart money is on DIRECTV-produced Audience Network stuff.

Channel 105: 4K Pay Per View
Previously, all pay-per-view content was downloaded over the internet. With Channel 105, you’ll see live 4K pay-per-view content that can be recorded for later viewing or simply watched live.

Channel 106: 4K Events
This is where you’ll watch content like the Masters Amen Corner in 4K, or other event content that comes along. DIRECTV is working hard to partner with other networks to get this content to you. A lot of stuff is actually already shot in 4K and downmixed to HD, so this just becomes a matter of sending the native 4K feed up to DIRECTV’s satellites.

Right now (April 2016) you do not need a special dish to receive these channels but it’s expected that the move over to a special dish will take place very soon, as soon as we see stocks of the new LNBs become available to dealers. This is expected to come very quickly, as demand for 4K programming has become very great lately.

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