DIRECTV Brings 4K MLB to your living room

25 games. At least 225 innings. All in glorious 4K. DIRECTV’s going all out with 4K baseball this year… and you don’t even need to have the Extra Innings package. All customers who have 4K-capable setups will receive the best sports programming on TV, at no extra charge!

That’s the story here, as DIRECTV announces that they’ll be broadcasting major league baseball on channel 106 throughout the season. The first matchup for DIRECTV 4K customers is between the World Champion Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals on April 4. MLB Network’s Bob Costas, Jim Kaat and Tom Verducci will call the game.

The full schedule hasn’t been announced yet but we know the first few games:

4/4 – Cubs @ Cardinals
4/12 – Dodgers @ Cubs
4/21 – Nationals @ Mets
4/27 – Yankees @ Red Sox
4/28 – Cubs @ Red Sox

There’s still time for you to get all of this great content in 4K. In order to receive 4K broadcasts, you need a DIRECTV Genie model HR54 (or later, when or if that happens) plus a 4K Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K Ready Smart TV. Most programming packages can receive 4K programs.

Getting 4K is easy, and it starts with a call to our Signal Connect team at 888-233-7563. We’re experts at getting you the exact package that you need and our activation team can work with you in ways that DIRECTV’s call centers can’t. We can help you use your existing dish and existing hardware to best effect and get you set up with 4K programming faster and easier.

There is going to be a lot more 4K content on DIRECTV this year, and this is just the start of it. DIRECTV plans to keep giving you the best in sports and entertainment programs in a way that no one else can. No other TV provider has as much 4K capability as DIRECTV, and only DIRECTV can give you full-quality 4K, not the watered-down 4K that you get from streaming apps. There’s nothing that can match it!

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