DIRECTV Installation Jobs with Signal Connect

Installing DIRECTV for Signal Connect is a great way to earn more money!

Signal Connect needs DIRECTV installation contractors across the country. Why? Because our reps are selling DIRECTV to people in every state. As a national DIRECTV dealer, Signal Connect reps sell a huge variety of DIRECTV packages. We need installers in every state to handle all these customer installations. We recommend reading this if you’re an installer who’s looking for DIRECTV contractor jobs.

“DIRECTV Installer Jobs Near Me”

Do you type this phrase into Google to help find extra work? You probably won’t have to do that as much if you’re installing DIRECTV for our Signal Connect division. The jobs will come to you. Yes, we know that goes against everything your parents taught you about hard work and success, but it’s true. Signal Connect contacts installers all the time to ask, “Are you available to handle this installation?” That installer could be YOU if you join…

…The Installer Database at Signal Connect

Since Signal Connect sells DIRECTV accounts across the country, we need installers everywhere. Our database helps us keep track of “who is where.” That way, if a job opens in up in the Kansas City area, for example, we’ll contact installers in that area to find someone to handle the job. Since we never know where the next DIRECTV installation job is going to be, we need installers from all over the country to be in that database.

The installation jobs Signal Connect gets cover a wide range. Many are residential of course, but they have plenty of commercial installations as well. The more experience you have in these areas, the better your chances of getting the nod when these gigs come down the pipe. Here is an overview of some of what Signal Connect is looking for:

  • Satellite TV installers
  • Wilson-certified cell phone booster installers
  • BICSI-certified installers
  • Low-voltage installers
  • Cable installers
  • Security system installers
  • And much more

If you have experience in ANY of these areas, you really should reach out to Signal Connect. We want experienced professionals in our installer database.

Who DIRECTV Installation Contractors Should Call

Aireal Taylor is the installation coordinator for Signal Group. She matches the installers in our database with jobs in their areas. Aireal explained, “The team at Signal Connect has been surpassing its goals to get customers serviced during this time. With sales and installations booming, I am looking for technicians nationwide, in every city!” If you want dibs on installation jobs in and around your community, reach out to Aireal at

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