DIRECTV Issues? Call Jason Vanover at Signal Connect!

If you have DIRECTV technical issues, he’s the guy you turn to for help.

Jason is a great spokesperson for the high level of service you get from our Signal Connect division. He helps people with their DIRECTV issues daily. No matter what technical problem someone has, he determines the problem then patiently walks the customer through the fix. The amazing part is that he does this over the phone! (Other companies typically send a tech out to do the job.) That’s not all Jason does here, but it’s a great example of the culture of customer service that thrives here at Signal Connect.

A Passion for Customer Service!

Jason began his career at Solid Signal on September 17, 2015. He started in the company’s customer service department, handling calls about TV antennas and other products we carry. During his first four years, Jason learned everything he could about DIRECTV connection issues and more. “He figured it all out through a lot of self-studies and help from Stuart Sweet,” said Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect Sales Manager. Jason has made our tech team the best problem-solving group at any dealership in the country!”

Such dedication to his craft is definitely admirable. The thing is, it’s hard to get him to brag about himself. He’s humble like that. Since he’s passionate about what he does, it’s easier to get him to talk about his work. Jason said, “Customer service is very important to the company so I wanted to be the best that I could be at it. I like helping people, it’s very satisfying to fix issues that our customers believe are unfixable.”

Jason’s DIRECTV Customer Support

Let’s take a look at how he helps Signal Connect’s DIRECTV clients all across the country:

1. DIRECTV Technical Difficulties

To be honest, DIRECTV issues aren’t all that common. The company has put a lot of time, money, and research and development into its satellite TV service. But when you have as many clients as Signal Group does, these rare issues can add up. Jason’s phone often rings when someone needs help. “Bottom line, he’s an expert at solving DIRECTV technical issues,” Mike Kochenderfer said. “Our customers and partners rave about his abilities!”

“Jason is super-reliable, and he REALLY knows DIRECTV tech support.”

Ryan McDonnell, Signal Connect National Account Sales

Jason and the other reps solve about 95% of the issues they get in one phone call, according to Kochenderfer. This includes commercial and residential DIRECTV issues. They also help with equipment upgrades to DIRECTV’s latest offerings. This includes answering questions, explaining the equipment, and even installation tips. Kochenderfer added, “What I really appreciate is Jason’s patience and willingness to take as much time as is needed to help our customers.”

2. Assisting Other Signal Connect Reps

Signal Connect offers free tech support to all its clients. Because of this, our reps occasionally get calls from clients experiencing a DIRECTV connection issue. In most cases, the rep can resolve the situation. If it’s a high-level DIRECTV issue, they lean into Jason for his expert advice. 

“Jason is great! He’s helped me with some intricate tech support calls.”

Rachel Danyluk, Signal Connect Customer Support

Rob Young is one of many Signal Connect reps who’s called on Jason for help. Thanks to Jason, Rob was able to make his clients happy. As a result, Rob is happy… happy enough to sing Jason’s praises, even. Rob said, “Jason is a wealth of DIRECTV technical knowledge. It’s astonishing how he’s able to diagnose and troubleshoot virtually any problem that our customers have.”

3. And Everything Else DIRECTV-Related

On the pretext of writing about our entire customer service department – which we will do soon – I asked Jason about his other duties. He said, “I verify all online receiver orders and DIRECTV accounts. I also make sure the equipment they have is compatible.” He also processes equipment onto customers’ accounts, walks them through the setup, and verifies DIRECTV receiver orders. “I probably do a ton of other things that come across my desk that I can’t recall at the moment,” Jason added.

In recounting what he does here, Jason forgot to mention one of his most important contributions. We’ll let his supervisor, Mike Kochenderfer, tell you about that. “He teaches an entire training module on tech support that everyone who comes into our group goes through,” he said. This passing forward of knowledge, Kochenderfer added, continues to be a HUGE help to the Signal Connect tech team – Rachel Danyluk, Ryan McDonnell, and Jonathon Porter.

“I Want to Talk to Jason!”

I’m sure you do! I’ve only been singing his praises since this blog post began. The thing is, you can only speak with him – or anyone else in Signal Connect customer support – if you’re having DIRECTV technical difficulties. If that’s the case, call 248-896-8594. (You can also fill out the form below and send it to us.) This is a direct connection to the Signal Connect tech team. By now, you already know that they’re the best people to have in your corner!

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