DIRECTV NOW is Making Streaming Service News

DIRECTV NOW is the streaming service provider that’s making the news today. It looks like AT&T is making some bold moves to improve it’s unique streaming service option. This should come as no surprise, given the competitive market climate. No streaming service provider can afford to sit idle in today’s marketplace. AT&T seems to be aware of this reality, considering this week’s news from DIRECTV NOW. This week, the communications giant shares some exciting news about DIRECTV NOW merged logins, third streaming options, and a possible release date for its much anticipated DVR app.

AT&T “id_collision” Could Lead to Merged Logins

Are you a DIRECTV NOW customer who’s recently gotten an “id_collision” error while logging in? There have been reports of this happening to customers with a DIRECTV NOW and AT&T account on the same email. Reports have this issue ongoing for the past five days. AT&T is working to fix this DIRECTV connection issue.

Some people in the industry take the recent “id_collision” errors as evidence that AT&T plans to merge DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV logins. In defense of this theory, AT&T did announce its plans to do this around the time it announced its DIRECTV NOW App and DVR. The earliest testers needed to have an AT&T account to sign up for the beta.

Could AT&T be getting closer to merging DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV logins? I normally say something like “Only time will tell” to these questions. I think in this case, it’s a safe bet to assume that AT&T will make good on this goal.

DIRECTV NOW DVR App Slated for Spring 2018

Is the DIRECTV NOW DVR app something you’ve been waiting for? You might not have to wait much longer. Signs are pointing to a spring 2018 launch of this much-anticipated service.

There are a handful of signs that look good for AT&T’s anticipated release of its much hyped DIRECTV NOW DVR app. AT&T recently added a line to its DIRECTV NOW billing statements for its DVR add-on. Updates to the DIRECTV NOW website has it promoting 20 hours of DVR storage included with each subscription. Early beta testers are also seeing their 100 hours listed on their bills.

AT&T showed its biggest indication that the DVR app is just around the corner on Sunday. The communications giant announced it will no longer accept new beta testers for the DIRECTV NOW DVR and new app. This is just one more sign of how close they are to launching the DVR service.

Keep in mind that “spring 2018” is a broad term. It encompasses any day between Tuesday, March 20 (the first day of the season), to Thursday, June 21. AT&T could release the DIRECTV NOW DVR app on or any time between these two dates and be within a spring 2018 release. Stay tuned, streamers!

DIRECTV NOW Option to Stream to Third Device

Would you like to stream your DIRECTV NOW to a third device? You might be able to do that soon. AT&T recently updated DIRECTV NOW’s Roku Channel. Part of these improvements included a screen that shared details about a third stream. This is marked as an option, meaning that if you’d like to stream DIRECTV NOW to a third device, you’ll have to pay extra for it. AT&T has not disclosed a release date or cost for its third stream option.

DIRECTV NOW Could be No. 1…

As news goes, these announcements are pretty big for DIRECTV NOW. Of course, the only thing that’s lacking is a specific launch date. That said, AT&T is more definite with this news than it has been about the release of its DIRECTV NOW DVR app. Given the advancements of many of DIRECTV NOW’s competitors, I think AT&T has to do something tangible very soon. Right now, DIRECTV NOW has 1.2 million subscribers, or 19 percent of the streaming market. This makes it second to the industry leader, Sling TV, which has 2.3 million subscribers. DIRECTV NOW has a real shot at the No. 1 slot if and when it makes good on its proposed improvements.

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