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“What are you watching?” These four words can be the gateway to your next favorite TV show.

It’s no secret that streamers love watching their favorite shows. We also love talking about these programs. It’s not uncommon for us to recommend shows to each other. Frankly, it’s how I get a lot of tips on some of my favorite shows. And if you read this weekly post, you know I like to pass these along to you. That’s going to be the focus of this installment, and I’m focusing on Amazon Prime this week. There’s no specific reason for that; it’s just the way it shook out.

The Wilds

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At first glance, the plot of this series might sound a lot like Lost. A group of teenage girls all volunteer to take part in the “Dawn of Eve” program. On their way to this program, the airplane they’re flying on crashes into the ocean. The girls wash up on a deserted island and are forced to fend for themselves. Little do they know, this is the program they signed up for… and it’s more than just some weekend retreat.

What makes The Wilds interesting is that there are many stories going on at once. There is the story of the girls on the island, complete with fights and shifting alliances. There are also the backstories of each of the girls, which tell their stories and how they became part of the program. Then there is the story of the women being interviewed by authorities after they’re discovered. The one thing all these plotlines have in common is that it is a slow reveal of the truth.

Tell Me Your Secrets

This is a great one for adults to watch after the kids go to sleep. (If you have children, of course.) Tell Me Your Secrets focuses on three characters: the girlfriend of a serial killer, a former predator, and a mother grieving her missing daughter. As the lives of these three people intersect, viewers learn more about each person’s character and motives. The more you watch it, the more you’ll be left wondering who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

I’ll tell you upfront that Tell Me Your Secrets isn’t for everyone. It deals with some very adult themes that are downright scary. If this isn’t your thing, then I highly recommend you pass this by. But, if you’re someone who enjoys movies such as Silence of the Lambs, then you should enjoy Tell Me Your Secrets. The subject matter is intense, and so are the performances. It’s very easy to get hooked on the first season of this TV series.

These Shows Are Great, but…

…There’s only one problem. Only one season of each is available on Prime. That means you’ll probably get hooked on the first episode of each, then binge-watch your way through the final episode. I know I was bummed out knowing I’d have to wait a year (at least) to see the second season of each of these shows. Research suggests that both these shows have been renewed for a second season. In the meantime, I have something that should hold you over. It’s a unique TV series known simply as…



If you’re looking for something that you can watch beyond one season, check out Grimm on Prime. You’ll get six seasons of this amazing TV series. It based on the concept that there are three types of people in this world: Grimms, Wessen, and regular humans. Wessen can change in and out of an animal shape at will, much like werewolves. Grimms can see this change, while regular humans have no idea what’s going on.

Grimm follows the adventures of Nick Burkhardt, a cop who suddenly starts seeing people change shape. This is his initiation into the life of a Grimm. (Yes, it’s loosely based on those old fairy tales.) Join Nick as he masters his skills as a Grimm to help thwart an evil plot to take over the world. All six seasons of this NBC original series are available for all their binge-watching glory on Prime.

I’ve Told You What I’ve Watched

Now, maybe you can tell me what you’re streaming? Like literally, put it right down there in the comments section. Some of the best shows I’ve seen have been suggested by family and friends. I’d like to know what you’re streaming these days, too. Who knows? My next favorite TV show could be one recommendation away!

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