DIRECTV NOW News: Manual Update and New TV Affiliates

DIRECTV NOW is in today’s spotlight. The streaming service provider has some big news for its customers this week. First, recently glitches forced some users to conduct a manual update. In other news, DIRECTV NOW is up to 300 local TV affiliates in its live TV app. Better yet, that number continues to grow as AT&T keeps pace with other streaming service leaders.

Manual Update for Some DIRECTV NOW Beta Testers

Yesterday, DIRECTV NOW notified beta testers that they might need to manually update their app. This update was for iPhone, iPads, and Apple TV beta app users. In the email, AT&T acknowledged that some customers lost their streams while the company was upgrading its app. The email also gave beta testers three steps to manually update the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV beta app to version #582:

  1. Open TestFlight app with the same Apple ID used the first time you downloaded TestFlight
  2. Select “update” next to the DIRECTV NOW Beta App
  3. Update iOS and tvOS build(s)

In its letter to beta testers, AT&T said the experience taught the communications giant some valuable lessons. The company’s spokesperson said that these lessons and resulting changes will improve the DIRECTV NOW experience for all users.

DIRECTV NOW Has 300 Locals and Counting

In the race to acquire local TV affiliations for its live TV app, DIRECTV NOW has some recent additions. The streaming service provider is up to 300 local affiliations. This is good news for DIRECTV NOW customers who want to stream their local TV stations with their other programming. DIRECTV NOW is tied with PlayStation Vue for the second highest number of local affiliates. Hulu leads the streaming world with 400+ TV stations.

As we share this news, DIRECTV NOW and other streaming service providers are adding more local affiliates. For now, here is every local TV affiliate that DIRECTV NOW currently offers:

Location ABC CBS Fox NBC The CW MyNetworkTV
Albany, NY X
Albuquerque, NM X X
Ames, IA X
Anchorage, AK X
Asheville, NC X X
Atlanta, GA X X X X X
Austin, TV X X
Baltimore, MD X X X X
Bangor, ME X
Bend, OR X
Biloxi, MS X
Birmingham, AL X X
Boston, MA X X X X X
Bozeman, MT X
Brunswick, GA X X
Buffalo, NY X X
Butte, MT X
Charleston, WV X X X
Charlotte, NC X X X X X
Chicago, IL X X X X X
Cincinnati, OH X X
Cleveland, OH X X X X
Columbia, MO X
Columbus, MS X
Columbus, OH X X X
Dallas, TX X X X X X
Dayton, OH X X X
Daytona, FL X X X X
Denver, CO X X X X
Des Moines, IA X
Detroit, MI X X X X X
Durham, NC X X
El Centro, CA X
Eugene, OR X
Evansville, IN X
Fresno, CA X X
Ft. Lauderdale, FL X X X X
Ft. Myers, FL X X X
Ft. Pierce, FL X X
Ft. Worth, TX X X X X X
Gainesville, FL X
Grand Rapids, MI X X
Great Falls, MT X
Green Bay, WI X X X
Greensboro, NC X X X X
Greensville, SC X X
Gulfport, MS X
Hagerstown, MD X X X X X
Harrisburg, PA X X
Hartford, CT X X
Honolulu, HI X
Houston, TX X X X X X
Huntington, WV X X X
Hutchison, KS X
Indianapolis, IN X X X
Jacksonville, FL X X X
Jefferson City, MO X
Joplin, MO X
Juneau, AK X
Kalamazoo, MI X X
Kansas City, MO X X X X
Knoxville, TN X
Lafayette, LA X
Lancaster, PA X X
Las Vegas, NV X
Lexington, KY X X X X
Lima, OH X
Little Rock, AR X X
Los Angeles, CA X X X X X
Louisville, KY X X X
Melbourne, FL X X
Memphis, TN X
Miami, FL X X X X
Milwaukee, WI X X X
Minneapolis, MN X X X X X
Missoula, MT X
Mobile, AL X
Modesto, CA X X X X
Myrtle Beach, SC X
Naples, FL X X X
Nashville, TN X X X X
New Bedford, MA X
New Haven, CT X X
New Orleans, LA X X
New York, NY X X X X X
Newport News, VA X
Norfolk, VA X
Oakland, CA X X X X X
Orlando, FL X X X X
Palm Springs, CA X
Pensacola, FL X
Petersburg, VA X
Phoenix, AZ X X X X X
Philadelphia, PA X X X X X
Pine Bluff, AR X X
Pittsburgh, PA X X X X X
Portland, OR X X
Providence, RI X
Raleigh, NC X X
Richmond, VA X
Roanoke, VA X X X
Sacramento, CA X X X X X
Salem, NC X X X X
Salt Lake City, UT X X
San Antonio, TX X X X
San Diego, CA X X X
San Francisco, CA X X X X X
San Jose, CA X X X X X
San Luis Obispo, CA X
Santa Barbra, CA X
Santa Fe, NM X X
Schenectady, NY X
Scranton, PA X
Seattle, WA X X X X
Spartanburg, SC X X
Springfield, MO X
St. Joseph, MO
St. Louis, MO X
St. Paul, MN X X X X X
St. Petersburg, FL X X X X
Stockton, CA X X X X
Tacoma, WA X X X
Tampa, FL X X X X
Troy, NY X
Tulsa, OK X X X X
Tupelo, MS X
Visalia, CA X X
Washington, D.C. X X X X X
West Palm Beach, FL X X
Wichita, KS X X X
Wilkes Barre, PA X
Winston, NC X X X X
Yuma, AZ X

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