DIRECTV to show Pebble Beach Tournament in 4K

This is going to be gorgeous.

If you have a 4K TV and a DIRECTV system capable of showing 4K, get ready to enjoy golf as you never have before. Starting tomorrow DIRECTV will be showing live video from holes 7, 17, and 18 of the Pebble Beach Tournament in stunning 4K on channel 106. The broadcast starts at 3pm Eastern and continues until 6pm Eastern, every day through February 12.

This is the kind of thing 4K is made for. Sports being presented in one of the most beautiful natural environments possible, and you’ll get it all only on DIRECTV. When you’re not watching the Pebble Beach event, you can tune to the only 24/7 4K channel in the US on DIRECTV channel 104 or enjoy pristine 4K movies on DIRECTV channel 105. What else could you want out your entertainment experience?

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