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Hey streamers! Have you binge watched Goliath, season two, yet? If not, I highly recommend you do. Once again, have hard-drinking attorney Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) is “David” going up against Goliath. This time, the giant is a murderous drug cartel. This time, the story focuses more on building and resolving suspense than characterization. The most interesting thing about the second season is the uncomfortable and cringe-worthy subject matter that leaves much to discuss. Are you ready for a closer look at Goliath, streamers?

No Goliath Spoilers Here!

Before I get started, let me make one thing perfectly clear – there will be no spoilers in this post. No one likes that guy who ruins movies by blabbing about key plot points. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the second season of Goliath. The opening scenes find Billy McBride not knowing what to do with all the money he won from his big case season one. Mostly, he just gives people big tips and spends his days drinking at the bar next to his motel room.

Goliath Season Two Plot

The plot kicks off with Oscar Suarez (Lou Diamond Phillips), an employee of Chez Jay. His youngest son is arrested for murder and Oscar asks Billy for help. Although reluctant, Billy eventually takes the case, of course. This opens a Pandora’s Box of dirty cops, crooked politicians, and a violent drug cartel. Billy is in over his head once again, and the stakes are much higher than ever before.

Goliath Talking Points

As I hinted at earlier, the subject matter in Goliath season two is dark and disturbing. We’re dealing with heinous crimes committed by a drug cartel, after all. Things are bound to get disturbing. What I liked about Goliath’s treatment of these issues is that it was not heavy handed. There’s just enough to inspire discussion about topics that are very relevant to today.

After completing Goliath’s second season, I’m left with these nagging questions:

  1. Just how powerful are drug cartels? What is truly being done to stop their reign of terror at home and abroad?
  2. How many corrupt cops are really on any given police force? And what dangers does this pose to communities at large?
  3. With the lines between politics and celebrity so blurred, how and why do people infatuated with politicians? Are people who do this even capable of seeing the object of their affection as human beings capable of flaws?
  4. Why don’t many people, recognize the dangers inherent in overly-ambitious people? Can’t we recognize the signs that point to those who will hurt people to get ahead?

These questions will make sense when you watch Goliath season two, of course. One thing I can tell you is that the show doesn’t delve too deeply into the issues I raised. Instead, all eight episodes just show enough to make some people ask these and other important questions. I recommend watching this show with family and close friends and discussing these and any other topics that come up. It should make for some interesting conversation.

Something Else I Liked About Goliath Season Two

Goliath season two has a handful of standout and cameo appearances, mostly among Billy’s adversaries. Many of these bad guys (and gals) are famous faces that you’ll recognize from other films and TV shows.
This is one of the things that makes Quentin Tarantino’s films so enjoyable. Goliath’s creators took a page from Quentin’s book and threw in a few familiar faces. This season’s rogues gallery includes:

  • Mark Duplass as Tom Wyatt, a damaged, amoral, and criminal real estate developer with a very strange and disturbing fetish.
  • David Cross as Peter Oakland, a crooked real estate agent who acts as a middleman for the cartel and the people on its payroll.
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Cleft Chin, a short-tempered hit man you’ll probably recognize many other movies.
  • John Savage as Mickey. He turns in yet another fantastic but short performance as an air-headed hit man.
  • Steven Bauer as Willie. Scarface put this guy on the map, and he also does a great job as the dimwitted associate of Cleft Chin and Mickey.

You might enjoy watching the new Goliath episodes just to see how many actors you recognize and from where. I know Mrs. Buckler and I enjoyed seeing these actors in some unique roles. I think you will, too.

One Criticism of Goliath Season Two

While I give this season high ratings overall, it’s far from perfect. It fell into something I call the “second season trap.” This is when show creators abandon characterization to focus on suspense, and action. This happened with the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Unfortunately, Goliath got its foot caught in this trap, too. Billy McBride practically floats through the episodes. This allowed Mark Duplass’s Tom Wyatt – a quite horrible human being – to steal the show. Not a good look, Amazon!

Give Goliath Season Two a Try

Are you looking for something new to stream? Try Amazon’s Goliath. If you haven’t watched this series, jump on the first season and get to know Billy McBride. If you have watched season one but haven’t started season two, what are you waiting for? Goliath is one of the best offerings you’ll find on Amazon Prime streaming.

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