DISH: MLB Extra Innings for an even lower price!

Great news for DISH customers! This year’s MLB Extra Innings package pricing has been announced, and at $165… it’s even lower than DIRECTV!

MLB Extra Innings is a great way to catch literally hundreds of out of market games, and it’s perfect for the “displaced fan” who lives far away from a favorite team. It not only includes practically every game you’re allowed to see (more on that in a little bit) but both DISH and DIRECTV also bundle the MLB.TV package (a $110 value) for free, giving you access to games from your streaming or mobile device.

And DISH is over $6 cheaper than DIRECTV for the package.

That’s not enough to make diehard sports fans switch; just give up Starbucks for one day and you’ll cover the difference. Still, in this era of continually rising costs, it’s nice to see a good old-fashioned price war going on between the two satellite titans, even if the net result is only $6.

Now, as far as that “allowed to see” comment… major league baseball is the only sport that still adopts such ridiculous blackout rules. If a home game isn’t sold out (and in some cases even if it is) the game can’t appear on local TVs, not as part of a free TV broadcast or any pay TV or even streaming broadcast. And to make matters worse, the “blackout areas” are ridiculously large in some areas. If a major city isn’t served by a baseball team, it falls in the blackout area of another team. This leads to a ridiculous situation where everyone from south Orange County, California up to the middle of the state, and all the way to Nevada’s border with Arizona — all of that is in the blackout area for both the Dodgers and Angels. We’re talking about an area larger than most countries, an area with over 25 million people, all considered part of the Los Angeles blackout area.

Not all blackout areas are so large; in the Northeast, where almost every major city has a team, they are much smaller but still no less ridiculous. Blackout areas exist because of the ludicrous notion that team owners might not be able to sell tickets to their games. That may have been true 75 years ago but obviously not today.

So, it’s true, no matter who you get MLB Extra Innings from you might be able to watch every home team’s games but your own, but that doesn’t stop it from being an exceptional value, especially if you, like an increasing number of Americans, you live in a different city from your favorite team’s hometown. For you, MLB Extra Innings is the perfect choice! Best of all, it’s reasonably priced for the year.

Call Solid Signal now at 888-233-7563 and no matter if you have DIRECTV or DISH, we’ll get you signed up for MLB Extra Innings and you’ll get the MLB.TV package for free!

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