DIRECTV goes 4K for US Open

Golf and 4K go together like… OK I’ll admit that golf isn’t my first thought when I think of 4K video. But hey, no judgment here. If it’s the sport you like to watch, you’ll be happy to know that AT&T and DIRECTV are doing live 4K coverage of the US Open starting today and continuing through the weekend.

Several sources including our own Bill Van tell us that holes 3, 13 and 17 at the Oakmont Country Club will be covered. Channel 106 is already showing US Open coverage in the guide.

In order to watch DIRECTV 4K content, you’ll need the latest Genie DVR, a client or DIRECTV-Ready 4K TV, and the Premier or Ultimate package. Later this year, a new dish will be required. If you’re looking to upgrade, visit Solid Signal to find out how you can be ready. If you’re already set up, enjoy that golf coverage! Hey, it’s better than watching another documentary about mummies, right?

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