Cell Booster testimonial from one of our customers

A customer who I happen to know in real life gave me permission to post this story.

Dear Solid Signal,

I say all the time that someone is a life saver, but you guys are. About six months ago I started working at a new job. With my new job I have to drive through twisty, snowy hills. I’m a city girl and never had to do this before.

The first week I was doing this drive I realized there just isn’t any cell service in those hills. At least not that my Verizon phone could get. And I always thought they were the best right?

I asked my friend Stuart who works for you what I could do. I know he could have set me up with a new cell plan and I would have been ok with that, but I was worried that even AT&T would have no service in those rough areas.

Instead he convinced me to get a cell booster for the car. I thought maybe it was too expensive but I trust this guy so I thought, ok well if it is a waste of money maybe he will take it back or something.

When it came I couldn’t believe how easy it was to put together. It all fit so easy and with just a little bit of time I was able to make it look great by myself. It took some effort to get the wires under some of the rubber bits around the trunk but it almost looks like it was put there by the car maker and I didn’t have to drill any holes or anything. Good because this is a leased car.

I don’t know what I was expecting but all of a sudden I had cell service on the whole drive. It was a little spotty in some areas but it never really went away. I am now able to listen to Spotify all through the drive and that’s pretty good.

A few weeks ago I was driving through a late winter storm and got a flat tire. I had been meaning to check the spare but it turns out it was flat too. I called AAA and they came and fixed me up. As I was driving to work though it hit me. If I didn’t have that cell booster I would have been in a total dead zone. I would have had to wait for someone to find me or if I was lucky maybe I could have walked to where there was service. That made me realize how everyone should have a cell booster because you never know when you’re going to need it.

Take it from me I am never having another car without a cell booster. I’m a fan.


Janeane Fitzpatrick


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