A cellular signal booster – do it for your friends

Here’s another true story taken from my own life. I was recently housesitting for a friend. Nothing terribly hard about housesitting, because let’s be honest most houses don’t exactly change from day to day. But you keep the lights on, you make sure nothing goes horribly wrong, and that’s about it.

Except about an hour in, I get a string of texts that make it seem like someone’s been trying to reach me for about ten minutes on something really important. How could that be? Another iCloud failure?

Turns out, my phone was going between “No Service” and 1 bar, and my data was sitting at 4G (which, I’ve come to realize, really means no data at all.) I stared at my phone for a minute. I didn’t know what was happening. It finally dawned on me. There was nothing wrong with my phone. It just didn’t work inside my friend’s house!

The very idea of this was foreign to me. These were good people, smart people, and they had no cell service in the house? How was it that I was contacting them all the time? Sure, I got it (eventually.) They have Wi-Fi, and they obviously keep their phones on Wi-Fi so because of the Wi-Fi calling feature, they got calls and texts and maybe they didn’t know how bad things really are for their guests.

Look I know it’s not 1966 and “being a good host/hostess” isn’t high on people’s list of life goals anymore. We all have a lot more pressing things to worry about, and the way you treat friends and guests is very different now than it was then. But of course if there’s someone in your home, wouldn’t you like to treat them well? I mean you’ll offer someone a drink or a seat, and then you let them sit there, not knowing that they have no cell service whatsoever? I mean, if there’s a 21st-century faux pas, that’s got to be it. I mean we’re literally glued to our phones. Most of us would still use them if they were covered in poison ivy — and if you don’t believe me, think of that one friend who cut his finger on his cracked phone screen. You know someone like that, guaranteed. No, if you care about your friends and the people who visit your home, you need to make sure there’s good cell service.

Oh sure, you could give everyone your Wi-Fi password or set up a guest network, but isn’t it just better to make sure that everyone who comes into your home has a good signal without having to ask for it?

Luckily you can get good signal even without putting up an outdoor antenna with a cellular signal booster like this weBoost EQO. All you do is put the base unit in a window and the indoor antenna at least 10 feet away and you can blanket a large apartment or small home with signal. I’m talking about clean cell signal so people not only get voice but LTE data too. No more missed texts, no more snapchats lost forever. Just good cell signal, which most people would rather have than clean clothes or sufficient food, if you really got them to be honest.

If that cellular booster won’t cut it for you, fill out this form and you’ll get a free recommendation, no obligation, from our experts who will help you fill a space anywhere from 60 – 60,000 square feet with reliable cell signals.

Oh, and if your home is really 60,000 square feet, I hope you’ll consider being friends with me… I’d love to see how the other half lives.

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