FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Bigger is better

The other day I upgraded to a 40″ monitor. It’s an incredible jump in just a few years; when I started working on this blog I was working with a 17″ laptop and it wasn’t that long ago that 15″ monitors were the standard in offices. And here I am with a 40″ monitor. Which honestly seems a bit ridiculous, but the weird thing is I paid less for it than I paid for a 19″ monitor a decade ago and it has eight times the resolution. It’s going to help me really watch what’s going on in the world in a whole new way.

This sort of rapid jump in technological achievement isn’t new; we expect it at this point. Today’s smartphones have one hundred times the power of the fastest computer of 20 years ago. They also cost one-tenth the price. Today’s televisions are humongous even compared to massive projection TVs from 2000, and they’re available at the same store where you get eggs and wiper blades, for a pittance.

We think nothing of shopping online for millions of items, having things delivered to us instantly over the air. We think nothing of being in the middle of nowhere and being able to find out who won a sporting event on the other side of the world.

Friends, it’s extremely popular lately to talk about how much worse things are in the world and how it was all better before. In some ways, I’m sure that’s true. But putting aside a lot of that, can’t we all get together and agree that the technological world we live in today is absolutely incredible? I think it is.

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Stuart Sweet
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