IPTV for Seniors

Are you out of ideas for a gift to give a senior? As we get closer to the holidays, we’ll be thinking of all our friends and relatives and how to show them, through capitalism, what they mean to us.

Before thinking of another tie or necklace, think about an IPTV streaming box. These devices are a perfect fit for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on computers but who has a little extra time in the day.

In order to use an IPTV streaming box, generally the only requirements are a television with HDMI in and a wireless network. If your favorite senior doesn’t have these… perhaps it’s time to help them along with that as well. But, with the digital TV transition now three years past and HDTVs well under $500 that shouldn’t be hard.

Most IPTV boxes can be found under $100, they take up very little space and give off no heat. Many come with an “auto off” feature for those people who are sensitive to devices that use electricity all the time.

If you have an IPTV box of your own, you know how easy it is, and how you can use common services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus with no problem at all. Many of these services have thousands of older TV shows and movies, all available on demand, and at a very reasonable cost. Many seniors will appreciate the option of cutting down to basic cable or satellite (or perhaps ditching cable altogether and using an antenna) and supplementing it with a $7.99 Netflix subscription. For those on a fixed income this makes a lot more sense than spending upwards of $80 on cable.

If your favorite senior finds DVR technology confusing, IPTV boxes with Hulu Plus will be a big hit. They don’t need to set anything to record and their favorite new shows are available the next day in many cases. This is yet another economical alternative, often costing less than the DVR rental fee from the local cable company and giving a better experience.

Don’t forget access to Picasa, YouTube and other photo and video sharing sites. Everyone likes to be connected and if you take the time to help setup the box with the correct account, you can share photos and videos privately, and everyone appreciates being able to look at family members on the big screen.

Finally, the small size of the box is sure to be a big hit. Most IPTV boxes are small enough to fit between the television’s screen and its base, adding no “visual clutter.” Remember though that most IPTV boxes use an infrared remote so the front of the box must be visible… no hiding it behind photos.

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