It’s September 11. Take a moment and pause.

I mean,Here’s an article that’s wildly off-topic for The Solid Signal Blog. But then again, with over 5,500 available articles you’ll find that occasionally we go off the rails a little bit. I’m committed to keeping this blog non-political, because I think you deserve a web site that isn’t focused on that stuff. It seems like most of them are. But every so often I have something to say. Every so often I say it.

It was 18 years ago today.

I’m guessing that I don’t need to tell you what was 18 years ago today. I think we all remember the day a little differently. It was a day when we were all scared, all together but simultaneously apart. In those days long ago, we didn’t have the kind of communication we have now. Many people still didn’t have cell phones. Most of our news still came from television. In fact at least for me large chunks of the day were spent without internet; it was simply too clogged to work.

It was one of those days that everyone remembers. If you were alive, if you were at least a teenager, you remember it. Depending on your age, you may remember the day Kennedy was shot, the day astronauts landed on the moon, the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded, and many others. This was one of those days.

While obviously not one of our best days…

…what I remember most was the spirit of kindness and of togetherness that happened almost instantly. In that moment, your boss and you were just two people. You asked about each other’s families. You gave each other a moment to just feel how you felt.

That day was a terrible tragedy. It was a day that framed the next 18 years, and a day that we are not likely to forget for another generation. But, it was also a day where people clung to what and whom they held dear.

And yeah, it was EIGHTEEN YEARS.

How weird, right? How weird that you could be born on that day and today you have a driver’s license and you can vote. I mean, how could it be that long ago? How could it have been a whole generation? It’s easy to see that 2001 was a different world through pictures. You’ll see the fashions, so totally different, the people reading newspapers, the total lack of smartphones. You’ll see the big tube TVs and beige PCs. Those things make 2001 seem like ten lifetimes ago. But this day hardly seems like eighteen years ago. It’s a day that I and many many other people still live in our hearts even now.

Our offices are open today. Our staff is hard at work taking care of our customers. And today we soldier on as we have for the last 18 years. Tomorrow is another day at Solid Signal. For today though, I hope this article has helped you take a moment to think and reflect.

Now… on to your regularly scheduled blog.


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