Should you worry about online complaints about the Genie 2?

I’ve noticed a trend recently where people complain a lot about Genie 2. Genie 2 is the flagship product from AT&T for its DIRECTV service of course, and it’s actually been very successful. So successful in fact that even 2 years after its initial release there isn’t anything really new on the horizon.

But lately I have seen an increase in complaints about the Genie 2 system from regular customers and I have a feeling I understand why.

It comes down to standard AT&T procedure.

I’ve had a number of installers tell me that the standard Genie 2 install is now one Genie 2 and multiple wireless Genie mini clients. And, I understand why. The wireless client is easier to install and it’s popular with homeowners who don’t want more holes in the walls. But, I have a feeling that it’s to blame for some of the complaints.

When installers come in to survey a home for DIRECTV, they run tests with the clients to make sure that they are getting good signal. If there isn’t good wireless signal they should be putting in wired clients instead.

I’m not pointing fingers here. Yes it’s possible a small percentage of installers are ignoring the bad numbers they’re seeing. After all, putting in a wireless client really is easier and faster and these installers need to stay on schedule.

The problem is more likely that the tests work out well and then over time things change. Furniture gets moved, or other devices come in that could create problems. Imagine, for example, if a wireless client works well when the washing machine isn’t running but not when it is. A test wouldn’t catch that.

The solution: wired clients and Solid Signal

I think the wireless clients are the source of that dissatisfaction you read. I do think most people are very happy with their DIRECTV systems but we all know the internet is one big echo chamber and one interesting-sounding criticism can bounce around and really affect people’s perceptions.

But if you’re worried about it, the solution is to choose wired clients for your DIRECTV system. If only you could do that through AT&T…

…but you can’t.

You can’t get a custom installation by calling AT&T. You need to call a dealer like Solid Signal. If you call use at 888-233-7563 we can set up exactly what you want and then send you all the parts. A certified AT&T technician will come to you and do all the installation, or you can do it yourself if you’re adventurous like that. Either way you’ll get the system you really want, not what AT&T wants you to have.

Why let someone else decide what your perfect home theater system looks like? Talk to a professional at Solid Signal. And in the meantime, don’t put a lot of stock in those drive-by reviews of Genie 2 or anything else for that matter. Remember that happy people don’t leave reviews much of the time and people just like to be heard on the internet. Maybe there are some legitimately bad experiences but in general people are very satisfied with AT&T.

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