Love Sirius XM? It’s not just for the car

If you have satellite radio now, chances are it’s in the car. Although I don’t have any figures, I’d bet about 95% of people with satellite radios have them because they came standard in their new car. SiriusXM has been very smart in getting their hardware in most new vehicles and giving people a free trial. Unfortunately that hasn’t lead to massive growth outside the car.

A bit of history

When satellite radio first arose in the mid-2000s, it seemed like a fabulous idea. After all satellite TV was revolutionizing the way people watched. Satellite radio had some challenges, though, and none was more daunting than the way that most people actually wanted to use it. There’s a big difference between locking into a satellite 22,000 miles away from a house and doing it in a moving car. To make matters worse of course, driving almost always involves going through underpasses, into tunnels, and through urban canyons that block your view of the sky.

Satellite radio solved these problems by using FM transmitters on the ground (that’s right, in many places, your satellite radio signal comes from a ground-based tower) and by improved antenna technology. At the same time, savvy marketers found ways to include satellite radios on every new car, meaning most folks today at least have the technology to get the service.

A costly format war was avoided with a merger that started in 2005 and was finally executed in 2008, bringing the two original satellite radio companies (Sirius and XM) together into a single, stronger company that has blossomed into profitability. Yet, the company freely admits the majority of its profits come from the manufacturer-sponsored free trials of its products. This brings up the question, who really loves satellite radio?

You and millions of others

There are tens of millions of subscribers to SiriusXM, and even though that really only translates out to a small percentage of households, that’s a lot of people. Some people simply continue the subscription that’s in their cars, but then there are the diehards— I’m talking to you folks who put SiriusXM receivers in your homes. You love your SiriusXM, and we don’t blame you.

If you listen outside the car it’s probably through an app on your phone. This is great if you have an unlimited plan but if you don’t, you’re racking up data charges and not even realizing it. There’s a better way.

Solid Signal provides a wide variety of accessories for SiriusXM for home and vehicles. We have everything from those little adapters to the most powerful antennas you can get. It’s all designed to help the SiriusXM lover enjoy their hobby to the fullest. You may be in the minority, but you’re a strong part of what makes Solid Signal succeed. We’re here for you! You’re our kind of customer.

We have the hardcore stuff. I’m talking about the stuff you won’t find anywhere else. We have receivers and accessories to help you get yourself fully ready for the best SiriusXM can offer. It’s all at the best possible prices. So… what are you waiting for?

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