DIRECTV Customer Service Saves the Day!

If you have a DIRECTV connection issue, how long should it take to diagnose it? You get the fastest results when Signal Connect is your DIRECTV dealer.

Tim Scott recently experienced Signal Connect’s amazing customer service. He owns The Caboose Bar, a pub/restaurant in Orlando, Florida. One day, two of the business’s 11 DIRECTV receivers went down. Needing help, he reached out to the DIRECTV call center. This began a long, frustrating experience for him. After five weeks of back and forth, his problem went unsolved! Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, thanks to Signal Connect.

“TV Shouldn’t Be a Major Business Problem!”

That’s what Tim said when he recalled his recent experience. He said, “I was transferred around and put on hold for five weeks. I lost count of how many people I talked to, but none of them could help me.” This made Tim frustrated, and he knew he wasn’t the easiest person to deal with at that point. Fortunately for Tim, he found the answer to his problem when it seemed like all was lost.

“I can’t remember how I heard of Signal Connect,” Tim recalled. “All I know is that I called them and was connected with Rob Young.” Rob is a Signal Connect account manager who’s already helped many DIRECTV customers. He listened to everything Tim had to say, then quickly diagnosed the problem. This high level of customer service is common for Rob and ALL of the account reps at Signal Connect.

So, What Was the Problem?

It all came down to access cards. Through his research into Tim’s situation, Rob made a discovery. The access cards in Tim’s receivers needed to be replaced. This is a routine part of being a commercial customer, but DIRECTV’s call center wasn’t equipped to handle it. Fortunately for Tim, Rob and the rest of the team at Signal Connect knew what was going on. More importantly, they were ready to help.

“Tim bought the access cards he needed, and we shipped them out,” Rob explained. “That wasn’t the end of it, though.” After a few unsuccessful tries, Rob turned to Jason Vanover, another member of the Signal Connect tech support team. Having dealt with this before, Jason advised Tim to remove the cards from the receivers, reset the receiver, then insert the cards when prompted to do so. “As soon as the receiver asked for the access card, Tim inserted it and was back up and running!” Rob added.

Some Well-Deserved Compliments

Tim was glad he connected with Rob. So glad, in fact, that he’s happy to sing Rob’s praises. As a former U.S. Marine, Tim doesn’t offer compliments lightly. “A person shouldn’t be rewarded for just doing their job,”

“Rob stepped in and stepped up when no one else could help me.”

he explained. “You get rewarded for going above and beyond, and that’s exactly what Rob did.”

Tim continued, “Rob stepped in and stepped up when no one else could help me. Signal Connect is lucky to have him as an employee.” Truth be told, it’s DIRECTV customers like Tim who are the most fortunate. Signal Connect has plenty of customer service success stories from Rob and the rest of the crew.

DIRECTV Connection Issues are Rare…

…But when they happen, you need the experts in your corner. That’s Signal Connect. Our team specializes in commercial DIRECTV accounts. We can help you with DIRECTV programming packages, equipment, and everything else you need. Signal Connect also offers FREE tech support for the life of your account. To learn more about commercial DIRECTV, call 888-233-6597. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone will be in touch.

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