Time to clear out that junk box?

You know that you have a box… or a tub, or just a pile, with a bunch of stuff in it that you thought you’d need later. Of course it pays to be prepared, but maybe it’s time to take a look and see if you still have any of this stuff:

Serial and Parallel Cables
The ’90s called, they want their cables back. You’ve probably been holding onto a serial or parallel printer cable for some inexplicable reason for over a decade and it’s really time to let go.

RCA and S-Video Cables
Sure you’ll run into a need for these now and again but there’s a pretty good chance you’re sitting on a stash of twenty or thirty of these bad boys if you’ve been into home theater for more than ten years. Guess what? They’re never coming back into style. Really.

Owner’s Manuals
Come on, you know you never even read them when you should have. Just toss all those old ones for stuff you don’t even have. You know, you’re never going to figure out how to set the timer for that VCR and the manual’s probably online anyway.

Semi-broken cables
Ethernet cables with broken tabs. VGA cables with a screw missing. Headphone cables with broken outer sheaths. You know you have them, you know you’re not going to use them. Just get rid of them all.

Old phone chargers
You’re not going to get another Nokia 3310. You’re just not.

Somehow, the box with your old cables in it always accumulates about 13 cents in change, right? Don’t put it back there, just put it wherever you put your other change while you’re waiting to bring it to Coinstar. And you, out there, the one with a few francs in the box? Seriously dude.

Yes, you’ll still need a junk box, but chances are after a little cleanup, it will have the stuff you might actually need. Imagine that!