February is “Originals Month” on HBO Max

Do you want to stream something new and original? You’ll find 14 shows to choose from on HBO Max.

Do you like variety in your TV programming? I know that I do. That’s probably why I subscribe to more streaming services than I should. I keep telling my wife that it’s a “business expense.” (I’m “Mr. Streaming,” after all.) That hasn’t stopped her from going over the budget with a fine-toothed comb. I’m willing to fight and even die on the hill of HBO Max, should things come to that. The channel has way too many original TV series, movies, and documentaries for me to watch! Speaking of which, I’d like to start this week’s post by stepping outside of my usual formula to discuss…

The French Dispatch

This isn’t an HBO Max original. It’s a 2021 Wes Anderson film that’s made its way to the channel. I’ve been a Wes Anderon fan since seeing Bottle Rocket back in 1996. That film set the tone for Anderson’s quirky, unique style that he’s kept ever since. The director describes The French Dispatch as “a love letter to journalists.” Since I’m also an old newspaperman, how could I resist this romp through Anderson’s strange yet enigmatic psyche?

This film has a February 25th premiere on HBO Max. Until then, I’ll have to be content with watching the trailer:

The Girl Before

With this film, we’re back to me doing what I do best on here. That’s highlighting the original shows I can’t wait to watch. The plot is centered upon a young woman (Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha-Raw) who moves into a minimalist house. This home was designed by an eccentric architect (David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo). Apparently, this man has some rather strict and strange rules for the people he lets live in his houses. From there, things go from strange to dangerous for the young lady.

Check out the trailer for this haunting psychological thriller:

Icahn: The Restless Billionaire

Let’s face it, we’re a culture that blindly worships successful people. Maybe we hope to learn some intrinsic quality from these moguls? And maybe these things will help up earn our millions. Or perhaps we’re just hopelessly addicted to the luxury lifestyles that only millionaires and billionaires can afford. Carl Icahn is a financier who’s supposed to be the down-to-earth antidote to all this… or is he? Find out for yourself by watching this show, which has been available since February 15. Here’s the trailer to spark your interested:

HBO Max’s Original Shows This Month

There is a total of 14 shows premiering this month. Some of them are movies while others are TV shows. There are even two documentaries sprinkled in there. That’s a lot of original content for on month, and I can’t wait to stream most or all of it. Do you feel the same way? If so, maybe this list of titles will spark your curiosity. That is unless you aren’t already streaming this great content on HBO Max.

February 3:

  • 40 Means Nothing (40 No Es Nada), Season 1 Premiere
  • And Just Like That…, Season 1 Finale
  • Looney Tunes Cartoons Valentine’s Extwavaganza!

February 10:

  • About Last Night, Season 1 Premiere
  • Adventure of the Ring, Season 1 Premiere
  • The Girl Before, Season 1 Premiere
  • Just Call Out My Name
  • KIMI

February 15:

  • Icahn: The Restless Billionaire

February 17:

  • Dream Raider, Season 1 Premiere
  • Peacemaker, Season 1 Finale

February 24:

  • Bilardo
  • Bing, Season 1
  • Las Bravas, Season 1 Premiere

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