Now is the right time to upgrade your RV

When it gets to late February, it seems like there are two sorts of people in this country. Half of us haven’t seen the sun much in months and don’t go outside without many layers of clothes. The other half are finally able to go outside without feeling like they’ve walked onto the surface of the sun. No matter which part of the country you live in, this is the perfect time to get those RV upgrades done.

RV Upgrades? What RV Upgrades?

I know there are some folks who get into the RV lifestyle thinking that it’s a one-time purchase, other than gas and routine maintenance. Most folks realize that it’s a moving target. Just like your other home, your home-away-from-home is always evolving to give you the best possible experience. And there has never been a better time to give your home a tech upgrade.

Many of the people who got into RVing in the last two years did it by buying a used RV. With proper maintenance, an RV can last 10-15 years, and there have been a lot of them out on the secondary market. That means there are a lot of RVs out there with built-in tube televisions and older satellite domes on them. Now is your chance to bring the entertainment experience in your RV up into the 21st century.

Satellite TV upgrades

Satellite TV is still a leading source of entertainment for RVers. It’s available in more places than cellular service, and there’s a huge variety of live entertainment. If you use your RV to go to sporting events, it transforms you from a viewer to a participant by letting you host tailgate parties.

However, the world of satellite TV has changed a lot since the first systems went into RVs in the mid-2000s. Today there’s HD and 4K, there are different options for payment, and there’s all new equipment to consider. Chances are you can still use some of the equipment you still have on the roof, or you may want to take the time to futureproof. It’s up to you.

Cell phone upgrades

Cell phones and RVs go together like oil and water, it seems. The construction of an RV, with all the wiring and lacquered wood, seems tailor made to block cell signals. And whether you use your phone for music, navigation, or to entertain passengers, you’re bound to notice that the reception’s not what you were hoping for. Not only that, when you get to your campground, it may be even worse. Wooded camping areas are not known for great cell service, as you’ve come to find out.

That’s where a cell phone signal booster comes in. A cell booster takes weak signal from outside, massively amplifies it, and blasts it throughout the inside of the RV. RVs are perfect for cell boosters because they are higher profile than cars or trucks. This means the opportunity to mount the outside antenna up higher, and that means reaching more distant towers.

In-RV Wi-Fi

Why would you want Wi-Fi in your RV? Say you’re going to work from the RV. It seems like everyone’s working remote now, right? Most laptops don’t have cell connections and little hotspots aren’t always the answer. Or, if you want family entertainment, you’ll want to stream on a larger TV. Again, you need Wi-Fi to run a smart TV or streaming device.

You’ll want to put in a cellular router. This is a device, sort of like a hotspot, that converts cell signal into Wi-Fi. When combined with a cell booster, it’s a powerhouse combination.

By now you’re asking…

This all seems great, right? And so you’re thinking, how can I get the right stuff? Who can give me the advice I need? Where can I get it all done at once? You’ll love your friends at Signal Connect. They specialize in all these things, and most of all they specialize in customer service. It starts with a call to our Signal Connect experts at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. You’ll get an expert on the line who can guide you through the entire upgrading process. We can even recommend an installer in your area to make things even easier!

Signal Connect has helped thousands of folks upgrade their RVs. Will you be next?

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