Free Preview of almost all premium channels on DIRECTV this weekend!

Now there’s something to be thankful for.

DIRECTV has opened up pretty much every premium channel for this weekend, so get started bingeing on Westworld and all of the other great premium content out there. Recordings you make during a free preview period are generally watchable after the free preview is over so why not stock up on some great content!

Remember, with a Genie DVR you can record five programs at the same time so you could literally fill up your DVR with great stuff during this free preview, which is on through November 27.

Look for great programming on these channels:

501-511 – HBO
515-523 – Cinemax
525-542 – Starz
545-557 – Showtime and The Movie Channel

It’s going to take you a few hours just to figure out what to record… just the thing to keep you busy while you wait for that turkey, which is never done when you think it’s going to be done.

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