A beautiful deathtrap

Yesterday I showed you what may be the worst car ever made.  It’s far from the worst car ever imagined, though. Right after I wrote that article I found this post on PaleofutureApparently in the 1930s someone decided to build a streamlined car and camper. Missing, of course, was any sort of safety equipment.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video. I don’t know how the video even survived, but I’m pretty sure the occupant is long gone, possible as a result of driving this monstrosity.

Even the guy narrating the film seems like he kind of doesn’t buy it.  Streamlined cars, as they were called then, were all the rage at the time. In a very short period, cars went from looking like this:

to looking like this:

To today’s eyes, they both look like old cars, but that Chrysler Airflow looked like pure science fiction when it came out. Its smooth lines made it more efficient and it looked to people at the time like it was moving, even when it was standing still. It’s just a shame there was a recession on at the time and no one was buying cars.

Still, the public liked the “idea” of streamlining and anything with smooth edges caught their imagination. Apparently it caught more than that at least for one person, who decided to build his own. Probably his worst decision, and here we are almost 100 years later still laughing at him.

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