Free Movie Friday: Sword of the Valiant

You like free movies? I love a free movie, especially if it’s a hard-to-find classic that I want to see once more. Check out free movies on YouTube if you want to enjoy some free films this weekend!

Ever hear of the Paramount Vault? It’s the YouTube channel run by Paramount, the classic film production house. On this channel, Paramount offers many of its classics and newer releases for free. This week’s pick is Sword of the Valiant (1984), starring Miles O’Keeffe and Sean Connery.

Sword of the Valiant is a retelling of the medieval legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Fantasy and adventure fans looking for escape and adventure might find this film enjoyable. If you’re an Arthurian purist, you might chafe at some of the liberties the film takes with the legends. But don’t most films based off a book do that?

Sword of the Valiant takes place on New Year’s Day in King Arthur’s legendary Camelot. The Green Knight (Connery) enters King Arthur’s court to challenge the men to a game. The rules allow a man to strike the neck of the Green Knight with an ax. The catch is that the Green Knight gets to do the same to the man a year later. Naive Sir Gawain (O’Keeffe) accepts the challenge but fails to kill the Green Knight. Gawain then sets off upon an adventure that takes place over a year’s time.

I first saw Sword of the Valiant as a teenager while staying up late on a Saturday night. Being a big Dungeons and Dragons fan back then, I loved the film’s grandiose, fantasy escapism. I’ve always wanted to see it again, but could never find it through any of the streaming services I use. I’m glad it’s available for free in the Paramount Vault on YouTube!

If you love classic fantasy and adventure tales, you’ll enjoy Sword of the Valiant. Keep in mind that this film was released in 1984, so it lacks CGI and big budget special effects. That said, Sword of the Valiant retains a certain charm indicative of a bygone era. There are enough swordfights, sorcery, adventure and romance to make it interesting. And the sets and locations will transport you to a different place and time.

Need a free movie to enjoy this Friday? Sword of the Valiant is one of many free movies on Paramount’s YouTube channel. Sword of the Valiant is an enjoyable romp through Medieval era and the 1980s. The film has an R rating and a running time of approximately 102 minutes.

Unfortunately, this film is no longer available online.

Want free movies on YouTube? Check out the free films available in the Paramount Vault. You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy!

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