FUN FRIDAY: Building a Death Star

So, yeah, I’m decidedly mixed when it comes to my feelings toward Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. If you don’t believe me, here’s the proof: I wasted an hour of company time writing a review of it. But as has been stated on other sites, bad Star Wars is like bad pizza — still better than having nothing.

In that spirit, I present the following time-waster, in the form of the video above. If you were really building a Death Star, how would you do it? I mean you’re building something in space that is so big that eventually its own gravity would stress it out. You have to be careful. Plus, you’re probably transporting some really big pieces into the center of it and you need to be able to do that without big gaping holes in the outside. It’s going to take some planning.

The author of this video gives you one way it could have all gone down, which not only looks cool but seems to show some genuine engineering cred. Of course the laws of physics are a little different in the Star Wars universe, but I have a feeling this would still work.


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