FUN FRIDAY: Satchel Paige is dead

I know this isn’t new, but every time I watch this clip I laugh. It came out back in the spring of ’17, when people were just beginning to get really excited about Amazon’s Echo. It’s a polished — and hilarious — lampoon of not only older folks but smart home technology.

If you haven’t seen the clip, it shows a device called the “Echo Silver” (which you can only buy using your phone and calling an 800 number) which is designed to address the smart home needs of “The Greatest Generation.”

The problem is, I kind of want one. I mean, it’s got sleek, mid-century design, it seems to have all the qualities I really want in a smart assistant — including a little bit of snark — and I feel like that “uh huh” feature” would really come in handy sometimes.

If you haven’t watched the clip in a while, check it out. It’s probably even funnier than you remember.

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Stuart Sweet
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