FUN FRIDAY: This is a good idea because….?

Frequent readers of this blog might note that I’m more than a little concerned about future robot uprisings. Oh, I try to put on a happy face and pretend that’s not a possibility, but after I read a recent article I’m back to being more than a little paranoid.

See, according to our friends at io9 this company called “Boston Dynamics” (yeah, that doesn’t sound like an evil corporation from the future at all) has developed a robot design called “Atlas” that can do all sorts of things like stand up by itself and right itself after being, and I quote, “violently poked.”

So now we have created a robot that can literally stand up for itself, and we celebrate this achievement by creating a GIF of him being shoved and still staying upright afterwards. I mean seriously people, help me out a little. I mean, at least don’t actively try to make the robots rise up, ok?

If anyone needs me I’ll be hiding in my survival bunker until after Judgment Day.