FUN FRIDAY: Hall of Presidents

No matter who you’re favoring in the coming election, I think that all Americans can agree on one thing: we’re ready for it to be over. Here at The Solid Signal Blog we try to stay out of politics but it really seems like this has been the longest and most surreal election cycle ever. Is it possible it’s only been four years since the last Presidential Election?

Chances are you have some pretty strong opinions about what’s going to happen after the next President is inaugurated no matter if we elect a man or a woman. There could be some really major changes to the country. But did you ever stop to think about some of the really minor changes?

For example we’re going to have to put a new robot in the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World. Bet you didn’t consider that.

Really, we’ve only put three new robots in there in the last 25 years, and every time, robot technology gets better and better. The President Obama robot actually speaks with the actual President’s voice. Who knows what tricks the next presidential robot will do?

In “honor” of the upcoming election I present to you this YouTube video showing the Hall of Presidents as it exists today.