FUN FRIDAY: Inspirograph

Sometimes you need to unwind after a long week. That’s doubly true on this Fun Friday. About a decade ago, people discovered the idea of adult coloring books. If that’s your idea of fun, I don’t judge. Hey, the world can be a rough place. Personally I’ve never been one for coloring inside the lines (and you can decide for yourself what that means.)

On the other hand, I fondly remember the days when multicolored pens and a bunch of plastic gears were all I needed to create (what I thought were) great art pieces. Of course, I grew up and besides, I lost most of my spirograph pieces. I think we all did. I also used a few of them for model rockets and whatnot.

Check this out

If you’d like to go back to those days, even for a moment, check out Inspirograph, developed by Nathan Friend. It’s an online recreation of a spirograph set, with different gears, different pens and even different colored paper. You can download the source code if you would rather do it without using any data at all, although I have to imagine it doesn’t take a lot anyway. The site’s been up for a while, and it must be well coded because it still works as well as it did when I first discovered it five years ago. You just click on a gear and drag it around.

Sadly, though, good coding only goes so far. The Inspirograph site isn’t mobile-friendly but don’t fret: The same coder released an app for Apple and Google devices that does the same thing and does it very satisfyingly.

Enjoy the rest of the day

I don’t know about you, but an app like this is just what I need some Fridays. I know, some people like to pick on others who use children’s toys as coping tools. I get that. But go ahead, try this one. I won’t tell.

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