FUN FRIDAY: Melty Keyboard

Normally I don’t condone violence against electronics. That old cell phone didn’t do anything to you, why are you throwing it against the wall? Really, it’s not like I really think old tech has feelings, but I am worried that if we don’t treat our technology well, it’s going to come back to hurt us when the robots inevitably rise up against us. They’re going to find anyone who ever swore at a voicemail assistant or snapped a CD in his bare hands and make them suffer. That’s the big concern.

So it’s with a little bit of worry that I present to you this YouTube video showing the effects of a keyboard after being soaked in acetone (nail polish remover) for 70 hours. Acetone melts plastic and that’s pretty obvious from this video. It’s strangely satisfying to see the keyboard melt into black goo, although it’s also a little weird. I don’t know, take a look for yourself.

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Stuart Sweet
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