Streaming News from The CW, Disney, and Netflix

This week, The CW, Disney, and Netflix lead the pack in streaming news. It’s no surprise that Netflix is mentioned. The other two streaming service providers aren’t regulars in this column, however. Still, each company has done something worth mentioning in the world of streaming. So, let’s jump right into what these companies are offering, or will be offering streamers.

The CW Releases Two FREE Streaming Services

It’s not surprising to hear a cable network has created a streaming service for cord cutters. It is surprising when a network has a second app with completely separate content. That network is The CW. The programs on this channel have always been of dubious quality, IMHO. Despite my skepticism, there seems to be enough of a demand to justify two streaming apps. Okay. Since I bothered to bring it up, I guess we’ll take a look at both of them.

Introducing the CW App

The CW app is pretty much what you’d expect from a cable TV streaming service. Users get full episodes of some of their favorite CW shows one day after these programs air. They’ll also get sneak peaks at future episodes and inside looks of their favorite series. The CW App is free for streamers. Just remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” (You’ll see what I mean below.)

Do you want The CW app? Download the app on one of these supported devices:

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Kindle
  • XBox One
  • iOS devices with iOS 9 or higher
  • Android devices
  • Windows tablets

Okay. Are you ready for the bad news? If you’re a fan of any CW shows, this app could be a source of frustration. Only the last five episodes of any given series is available to stream. Because of this, your access to each episode is limited. When the next new episode is posted, the oldest one is taken down. There are better ways to watch Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, etc. (If anybody bothers to watch these shows.) The app also offers extras including behind-the-scenes, previews, and more.

CW Seed

CW Seed is the cable network’s second streaming service. IT also features little to no CW content. (That’s a relief!) CW Seed streams content from its parent companies, CBS and Warner Brothers. It also offers hard to find programs. Some have suggested this is The CW’s way of competing with Hulu and Netflix. (I say, “Good luck with that, CW.”)

You don’t need a subscription to enjoy CW Seed, and the service is free. Just download the app to any of these devices:

  • iOS devices
  • Android devices
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Kindle
  • Amazon Fire phone and tablets
  • Features and Content

If CW content is your thing, then I guess The CW App will be your thing. You might even get used to it limitations. If you’re looking for a list of free CBS and Warner Brothers movies, CW Seed might be the way to go. Can viewers enjoy both of these apps on the same device? I have no idea, to be honest. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m not a huge CW fan. Perhaps one of our fellow streamers out there can answer this question?

Some Rumors about Disney’s Streaming Service

Last year, Disney announced it will launch a streaming service in 2019. This would put an end to its deal with Netflix sometime this year. If anyone is wondering what Disney’s new streaming service will be like, we can tell you what we’ve been hearing. Keep in mind, this is only industry scuttlebutt until it’s officially confirmed or denied.

  • The service is scheduled to launch in 2019, though it could have an early rollout in mid- to late 2018 after Disney deal with Netflix expires.
  • Some reports state this streaming service will cost $5 a month while others have said it will cost less than $10/month.
  • Disney plans to feature four to five original movies and up to five original TV series on its streaming service.
  • All R-rated shows will be shown on Hulu, which Disney co-owns.
  • Marvel shows and movies are expected to stay on Netflix.
  • This streaming service is expected to launch with High School Musical and Monsters Inc.
  • A Star Wars title is expected to premiere on the Disney’s streaming service.
  • The service is rumored to be ad-free.

Are we certain that any or all these rumors are true? Of course not. These are just things that we’ve heard about Disney’s streaming service. There’s no way of knowing if the service will offer every one of these things. Some of these rumors might not be true. Disney might choose different options between now and its launch date. If it makes good on most of these points, Disney’s streaming service is likely to be popular with some.

Netflix’s Premieres Weekly Show With Joel McHale

Netflix has a new weekly original show starring a face that’s familiar to many viewers. The Joel McHale Show recently launched on the big red streaming service provider. Best known for his work on The Soup, McHale now brings this unscripted series that is scheduled to run for 13 weeks. The weekly comedy commentary show deals with trending news, pop culture, and social media, among a host of other topics.

If you’re curious about The Joel McHale show, check out this preview:

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