FUN FRIDAY: Superhero movies, ranked

Will we ever run out of superheroes to make movies about? If the first few months of 2016 are any indication, the answer is no. Deadpool once again rewrote the book on super flicks and even thought Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t capture the critics, it definitely captured the public’s dollars. Superhero films have gone from being one step above children’s movies to being dark, complex, multilayered stories that, at least in Marvel’s case, take a decade or more and billions of dollars to tell. I’m personally a bit curious to see how moviegoers of 2020 will respond to the idea that they will have needed to see every Marvel flick since1999 if they are to truly understand the mystique of, well, Mystique. It’s quite an achievement, if Marvel can pull it off.

In the meantime, the rest of us are left wondering about this mass of superhero films, both the mainstream and the offbeat ones. So, here’s io9’s list of superhero movies, ranked. Don’t be sheepish if you haven’t seen them all… there are a lot of them and this still doesn’t count movies like the James Bond or Fast&Furious franchises where the main characters are superheroes in everything but name.

Personally I’m not as much of a fan of the Nolan Batman films, but by and large I agree with this list. How about you?

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