FUN FRIDAY: The Voorhees story

According to the internet (which is always right) You get a Friday the 13th about every 212 days. So, three times in two years. Since it’s the first Friday the 13th of the year, my thoughts are drawn to that 1980s horror staple, the Friday the 13th horror movie series.

Unless you’re a serious fan, you probably have nothing more than vague memories of a hockey mask, some cheesy effects and a lot of fake blood. Well I’m here to tell you, your memories are pretty much spot on. There’s not a huge amount of plot there, but surprisingly there’s enough to create a fairly convincing backstory for the only recurring character, horror badguy Jason Voorhees. In fact, over the 12 films (yes, seriously, 12) there was enough to build a fairly convincing history of the character.

And, since this is the internet, you know someone did just that.

Check out this article in Comic Vine which goes into astounding detail about Mr. Voorhees, his history, and his exploits. I don’t know about you but personally I had no idea there was such depth in this character. I guess when you’ve devoted about 24 hours of screen time in the course of 29 years to one character, you’re going to get some details even if he’s basically a murder machine in a hockey mask (which, this site claims, he didn’t even don full time until the third movie.)

You’ll never look at Friday the 13th (the movie or the day) quite the same ever again.

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