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It has been nineteen long years since The Sixth Sense. Time sure flies. Back in 1999, this movie and its twist ending seemed incredibly fresh and interesting. Since then, both the film and its creative force M. Night Shyamalan have become a bit of a source of ridicule.

It wasn’t really The Sixth Sense but the director’s followup, Unbreakable, that we’re talking about today. The film wasn’t terribly well reviewed at the time and was largely forgotten for several years. However, its deconstruction of the idea of the superhero and supervillain has aged surprisingly well. Now that we are in the age of well-thought-out, mature superhero films, this actually seems interesting.

So interesting in fact that when the recent film Split was revealed as part of the “Unbreakable universe” people didn’t need to quickly run to Google to see what that means. Now, it seems that Mr. Glass, the villain from Unbreakable, is getting his own movie.

Interestingly the marketing doesn’t mention The Sixth Sense, the film for which Mr. Shyamalan is known. Less surprising is that turkeys like The Lady in the Water aren’t mentioned. That particular film was the reason I stopped watching his films.

Does Hollywood always forgive?

There was a time when the only time you said the name M. Night Shyamalan was as the punchline of a joke. Yet, it seems he’s back. His renaissance is only one of the many rising-from-the-ashes stories that have come out of Hollywood in past years. For me, though, it’s the most surprising because I feel like this person dropped about as low as one could drop, as quickly as it was possible to drop. Now he’s back. Good on him I’ll say, although I personally am not as forgiving as the Hollywood community. I still haven’t seen Split and might never see it. Will I see Glass? Probably not. At the moment, I’m not inspired.

What about the rest of you? Leave a comment to talk about the trailer and whether or not you’re motivated to see it!

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